Ruby On Rails Programming Interview Questions

Questions to ask a Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is unique in its ability to create a complete, working web application in approximately 5 minutes. A good Ruby on Rails interview should be an interactive coding session in which the candidate demonstrates their mastery of rapid iteration programming.

  1. Kick things off by asking them to Create a basic Rails App with nested routes .
  2. Familiarity with Javascript/AJAX is essential for modern Rails development. Ask the candidate to expand on their sample application and Load content via AJAX using Rails UJS.
  3. Designing a good data model is essential. Even more essential is designing a data model that fits well within the Rails framework. Build again on the sample app, by demonstrating their mastery of Rails Polymorphic Resources.
  4. Verify that they have a solid understanding of Rails Caching and especially Rails Caching and Slightly Dynamic Content.
  5. Ensure that they won't leave any gaping security holes in your application by asking about Rails Security: Mass Assignment.